Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sorry that this posting is so long overdue - it must mean we Think we are very busy - and yes, we do think that we are - But, we don't want to be too busy to update each of you on our assignments and adventures.

Firstly, we just want you to know that we love the Gospel of Jesus Christ - we are grateful to be able to serve the Lord Anywhere - Because we have been given much, we too must give.  We appreciate our challenges and our growth.  We are learning much about the people and the culture here in Zambia.  What an awesome people.  We get to spend most of our time with the Young Single Adults (ages 18 - 30, 31, 32, 33) or there abouts - many don't have a birthdate or year that they know for sure when they were born so it can be a guess sometimes.    We appreciate each of the young adults special spirits and their appreciation for all that they do have (not much).  They just eat up the Gospel teachings - they can recite scripture by heart from any of the Scriptures - they are really amazing (much better than we are).

We have been working with President Kaluba for the last couple of months.  Sometimes the physical part of the church is very slow - he came on board June 1, 2012 and still no car, no office, etc.  He has been to Johannesburg for training, to Harare, Zimbabwe for training, to Blantyre, Malawi for training and is going Thursday a.m. to Lilongwe and Blantyre, Malawi for a little more training.  Then he will have a week off from travel and need to go to the Copperbelt area.  Busy times.  He is the Branch President (since he was 23), and is in University Full Time, and works full time for S & I.  Can you see why we are his helpers?  Busy Times.

President Joseph Kaluba and Sipho Ndlovu 

We, also were in Harare, Zimbabwe for more training for 4 days.  What a beautiful country and city.  We really enjoyed the hospitality and the beauty of the country in that area.  Victoria Falls is on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia - both like to claim it and there is a view on both sides.  We will try to go back there again (I think) before we are finished our mission.

Our Hotel in Harare - in the dead of winter remember, July 2012

Our Meeting House in Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare Meeting House (Chapel) 

We are moving somewhere around the end of the month.  We will be next door to another missionary couple (Lookharts from Boise).  It is going to be quite the upgrade - moving into a 2 story 3 bath, 3 bedroom townhouse with our own swimming pool in the back yard.  We didn't bring a suit.  Anyone coming to visit - bring a suit.  We get to have 3 bedrooms because our office is in our flat.  It
The mission furnishes it and all will be well.

This week we are teaching Lesson 5 (Temporal Preparedness) of the Preparing for Temple Marriage course.  We have a class Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday nights.  Each class is a very different dynamic of individuals.  What fun!  They are great participators, not inhibited at all, and love the topic, so all is well.
Each class is an hour and a half - but goes very quickly.  We are enjoying it, and we think they are too.

Fancy equipment set up for our class - Pres. Kaluba looking on  - notice how the computer is on top of the projector - 

This month we also had a District Family Fun Day! (2nd Annual one). Each branch had a soccer team, volleyball and basketball team.  Guys played soccer, girls played volleyball and basketball.  It was really a great day.  The Mission provided lunch - we think we fed about 600 (some not ours, but oh well).

Pres. Chibbamulilo and Pres. Chishala (Libala and Woodlands  Branch Presidents)

Game 2 - Notice - some use shoes -  some  not!

Well try to do this a little more often (so we can remember more of what has happened during the month).
Grandchildren, please be good.  Live an exempliary life.  It is sooo important - do your best at school.  You just never know when it will be your time to return home.  There is a young couple in a branch here (he was here on a mission - went back home became an agronomist, married, has 2 little children, and came back here to work for 2 years for a fertilizer company.  Her sister came over to visit (from California).  They were missing the ocean so they decided to take 2 weeks and drive over to Mozambique to the Ocean with their family.  The Sunday before they left Brother Sherry taught the SS class and talked about being prepared to meet our maker.  Wednesday, they were in a very serious accident in Harare, Zimbabwe on their way to Mozambique - his neck is broken, his shoulder is broken.  She has internal injuries, their little boy has many broken bones, the baby (girl) is fine, the driver (friend) is fine, the sister will be o.k.  They airlifted him to Johannesburg to determine the extend and type of break and decide whether he will walk again (ever).  We have all been praying for him since this happened.  We are wanting a miracle for them and for him to be o.k.
Live each day as if it may be  your last, live it wisely.  O.K., end of my rambling.  We love each and every one of you and keep you always in our prayers.  We know Heavenly Father loves all his children (no matter what).  Emulate him in your lives.  It'll be Soooo worth it.

Love,  The Parents, Grandparents, Burton and Patricia, Elder and Sister Shields

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