Thursday, November 29, 2012

 Some animal pictures from our visit to Livingstone (Victoria Falls) and Botswana

One of more than 200 elephants we saw in an hour

Elder Lookhart and I checking out the Zebras

One of many giraffes on hotel grounds

On October 8, 2012, we officially left Lusaka, Zambia, being driven by the Mission Office Couple, the Lookharts to the Zambia, Malawi border, where we were met by Elder Prete, who with his wife, lives in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.  They are from Cardston, former owners of the Cardston Bookstore.  There is a lot of country with very few people between Lusaka and the border, but after the border it is almost continuous people, living mostly in villages along the road, with some in small towns.
The whole countryside is filled with villages like these
The plan was for us to live in Lilongwe and the Pretes would move to Blantyre, where they would take over from the Bullocks (from Airdrie, Alberta).  Because of some security issues, we moved to Blantyre on October 16, and the Pretes remained in Lilongwe.  They are doing great things there and the missionaries have been successful.  We have begun to handle the "Office" things for the 10 missionaries that are here.  That includes paying rent, utilities, cell phone time, medical issues, bus transportation, automobile fuel, and book supplies.
Our front yard at #1, Kufa Road, Blantyre

We live in an older home, that has air conditioning, a modern kitchen, washer and dryer.  The house has 2 garages (used for storage) and three bedrooms (one is an office), and two full baths.  It is large enough when all the missionaries come over.
Our dining room table, can handle 12

Malawi is a small country in size, by comparison with Zambia, but has just as many people, making it very crowded.  There are lots of mountains and Lake Malawi is the worlds 8th largest lake.  The country has very little to export, so suffers from currency issues.  The local currency have been severely devalued earlier this year and it looks like it will get worse.  There is a serious issue with fuel supplies, and without personal storage, one can sit for hours in a line waiting, if the station has any.
The local chapel, about 8 years old.  Apostle Nelson dedicated the country of Malawi here November 2011

There are four branches of the Church in Blantyre, two meeting in a modern style chapel and two meeting in renovated houses.  In Lilongwe, there are at least 2 branches and soon to be more.  Lilongwe is the capital city and was built from nothing a few years ago and is very flat.  Blantyre is an older, former commercial center, and is located between several mountains.
Some of the members at the Liwonde/Sitima Group - 2 hours from Blantyre

There is one group of members that are about two hours out in the country (Liwonde/Sitima), so we will visit there occasionally.  No members have cars, so they walk or rely on public transportation.  Food is mainly maize (a corn like porridge mixture) eaten three times a day, when they can afford it.  We are able to buy many things that we are familiar with, though supplies are inconsistent. The price is just outrageous, but we do it anyway.
This is a common scene every where in the countryside.  Usually the ladies carry one on their head.  The water comes from drilled wells (bore holes is the local terminology).

Life in Blantyre is much quieter than life in Zambia.  The traffic that is heavy and busy during the days - from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. but after dusk there are NO buses or traffic or people for that matter.  All missionary teaching is done during the day and the people struggle with English - Chichewe is the Malawian language - they also use it at church.  We try to get them to stick with English but many of the ladies (in particular) do not understand English so they have a hard time staying active or understanding callings.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's time for an update again.  Time truly is going too quickly - there is much to be done and we just feel the days getting away from us.
Today is a very special day - It is October 6th, 2012.  We are so excited that we came back from a trip to Livingstone (Victoria Falls) to find the internet has decided to give us a break (it's working) and we were able to watch the Saturday a.m. session of conference with very little problems.  It was such a spiritual session we felt really blessed to be able to watch the church leaders, and feel of their spirits in uplifting our lives with their inspired messages.  Wow.  We hope each of you were able to watch as well.  Conference is held for our benefit - not for their practice in speaking.  We felt the spirit of the Holy Ghost in each talk that was given and were very excited to hear of the two more temples, and of the age changes in missionaries.  Wow, again.  What a change that will be.  
We are leaving on Monday morning to move to Malawi for the next year of our mission.  We will be based in Lilongwe (where the Pretes were serving), and they have moved to Blantyre.  We don't feel that we can replace either of these great couples, but will do our best to be of service to the members and the missionaries in that area.  We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we know it to be true.  When we get to that point, we know that it is for our growth that we are placed in challenging areas to be of service to the people there, to help them strengthen their testimonies.  We will do our best.
Welcome to David Livingston Safari Lodge

Elder Shields - in front of Swimming pool then Zambezi River

Comfy Bed

We loved going to Victoria Falls the last three days with another senior couple, the Lookharts.  We stayed at the David Livingstone Safari Lodge - it was great. We went to Chobe (in Botswana) on a Safari and were not disappointed.  We will update with some pictures.  Also, we were able to visit the falls again.  The water level is quite low at this time of year so it makes them easier to see.  About March/April, they are so high that all you see is mist -
Very Low Water at Victoria Falls -

Elder Shields putting water on head - a hot 40 degrees

We had the Prete's here with us for about a week (a couples conference) and learned more about what we might expect in Lilongwe, Malawi.  They have been there since December 2011 and have done such a wonderful work that the branch has grown from 17 active members to over 150 each week.  No one really has much background in the church and everything and every program is a learning experience for all involved.  We hope to be able to be of some service and help there.
We, also get to have the Missionaries (12 of them) over for their DDM each Tuesday evening, and feed them, be with them, and listen to them.  That will be a great time for us.
Couples Conference - Pretes on Left back
We find that everything we are able to do here for anyone brings blessings for our family at home.  They recognize Heavenly Father more in their lives and we are grateful that they are being blessed while we are away.  

We are grateful for grandchildren who are being raised in the Gospel and are being taught true principles that will guide them throughout their lives if they but listen.  We thank each of our children for being such great examples and such great parents by spending the time and effort required to set the tone for your homes.  We pray that you will each recognize the hand of the Lord in your lives, that you will follow the messages our Prophet, President Monson, and his councillors are inspired to give during this particular conference.

We feel of your faith and prayers in our behalf.  We are grateful for them.  Keep the Faith!  
Choose the Right!  Know that we love each of you lots - but Heavenly Father loves each of you even more than we do.  We are excited that for some the mission just moved up a year.  Prepare now. CTR.

Elder and Sister Shields

p.s.  We will send ANIMALS  \(WILD) as soon as we get moved - Elder packed the cameras away while the internet was off.  We will get back to you.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

June 1, 2012 we were replaced as the S & I Coordinators for Zambia by a local Young Branch President (26 years) who was hired by the church.  He is a great young man and will be successful in this position we feel.  However,  it is now August 26, 2012 and we are still trying to get him off the ground (so to speak).  It has taken these last 3 months to get office space, car, working funds, phone, furniture, computer and printer, etc. to get him a place to work from.
Tomorrow, we will go to the New Office of S & I.  This should be a great day.  We have been busy teaching his classes while he had to do 2 trips to Malawi, 1 to Zimbabwe, and 1 to Jo'berg.  The travel should now subside a bit and things should settle down.  He is also in University full time (5 evenings a week, and so is his wife).  He is also busy with his church calling.  We should all try the balancing act he is doing - it has got to be very stressful for now, but it should settle down by Christmas (this semester will be done anyway). We were able to go to Harare, Zimbabwe for 3 days too, and enjoyed that very much.
We are really enjoying teaching the Preparing for Temple Marriage classes.  The students really vary in each area of the city.  We are only doing 2 classes now as we wanted to open up our Fridays to get the gathering center idea underway.
We have been formulating some ideas that we think might work here and hopefully will try to implement some of them in the next couple of weeks.  We are to be working under the District Presidency - we will try to meet with him soon, and ask his help in setting up an Institute of Religion Advisory Committee (IRAC)  to work with. We were able to talk to the Stonehockers about some of the ideas they were able to use and that worked well for them.  Our setup is quite different from theirs but the ideas may still be helpful.
Our marriage classes seem to pick up 1-3 new students each week.  It is growing simply by word of mouth. We are very blessed to be meeting the cream of the crop as far as young adults go.  They are amazingly versatile and wonderful people.  In our Wednesday class at the Lusaka Chapel, we started with 6 people.  Last week we were at 16.  Libala Chapel on Thursdays started at about 12 people, we do fluctuate there but last week we had 16.  Matero had grown from 4 to 9 students so we were happy with the turnout but felt we needed to have the Friday and Saturday for activities with all the Young Adults.
These classes have been very good for us - we have learned much and love spending time there feeling of their special spirits.  They are like sponges in the learning area - they just absorb it and can regurgitate it back the next week with no problem.
#8 at it's finest Home Sweet Home
 The Backyard!

The Backyard facing the other way!
Spare Guest Room - even had guests this week - fun!

Kitchen - look carefully - cupboards way above my head - special for Giraffes I think
We were blessed to move this month. Our Landlord wanted to renovate the flat we were in.  Missionaries had been living there for over 15 years so it was time.  You should all be so lucky to come to Zambia on your missions, it's great.  We are now in a new Italian Villa style condo.  We have 3 bedrooms, our bed is a King, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry, garage, living room, etc.  Oh, yes, and our own private pool in the backyard that a man comes and cleans a couple of days a week, so it is ready for anyone.  We will add updates as things keep coming - draperies,   It is starting to get warmer - today back to 30, so soon the Air conditioner will be back on - however, last night Elder Shields said he was cold and wanted more blankets.  I'd say we've adjusted and our blood has thinned.  In another month it should be up to the 40+ degrees.
Michelo's finest moment - YW Presidency
We were able to help a couple of weeks ago with the Helping Hands projects for the two branches in our area.  What a Great Day that was.  Everyone worked so hard and so willingly.  They worked from about 9 a.m. to 1400.  Then they had a bite of lunch and cleaned the chapel for Sunday.  We were very proud of their efforts.  The community came out to see and we hope, were impressed.  It did get in the Newspaper the next day with some pictures.
7 a.m. - a slow start

Matero arriving - continuous growth of people

By Noon over 100 young women - Wow!

1600 hours - departure time - back home
This week we were blessed to have a visit from Elder Soares of the Area Presidency.  He flew in on Wednesday, did a Fireside for the YSA (Young Single Adults), Zone Conference on Thursday, meetings with District Presidency on Thursday evening, and flew out Friday a.m..  Yesterday was the first District Young Women Camp (All Day Saturday).  It was great.  It started at 7:00 AM and finished at 16:00.  The girls had never had camp before and by testimony time were loving every minute of it.  Sister Lookhart, had worked very hard with the District YW presidency and She actually was what made it work - but we hope it was a learning curve for them (they'd never seen one before).  The girls today at church were wondering when they could now have a 5 day camp.  They loved it.  We had about 100 girls show up.  We helped the Lookharts for the day - it was very uplifting to be part of it.
Lookharts and Sister Chua and Sister Mudzimba - day end

We are grateful that the Lord continues to make us aware of his Tender Mercies in our lives.  We do feel we are blessed for our efforts.  We feel guided and protected in all we do.  We are so humbled to be allowed to be his servants.  A mission is a Great Experience.  It reminds us daily of how much we have been given and blessed.  We appreciate knowing where we came from, why we are here, and where we may have the privilege of going if we can follow the example set for us by our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are all here to try to emulate him.  We pray for each of you and know that as you follow His teachings, you too, can be instruments in His hands.  We love each of you and keep you in our prayers.
Keep the Faith.
Elder and Sister Shields

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sorry that this posting is so long overdue - it must mean we Think we are very busy - and yes, we do think that we are - But, we don't want to be too busy to update each of you on our assignments and adventures.

Firstly, we just want you to know that we love the Gospel of Jesus Christ - we are grateful to be able to serve the Lord Anywhere - Because we have been given much, we too must give.  We appreciate our challenges and our growth.  We are learning much about the people and the culture here in Zambia.  What an awesome people.  We get to spend most of our time with the Young Single Adults (ages 18 - 30, 31, 32, 33) or there abouts - many don't have a birthdate or year that they know for sure when they were born so it can be a guess sometimes.    We appreciate each of the young adults special spirits and their appreciation for all that they do have (not much).  They just eat up the Gospel teachings - they can recite scripture by heart from any of the Scriptures - they are really amazing (much better than we are).

We have been working with President Kaluba for the last couple of months.  Sometimes the physical part of the church is very slow - he came on board June 1, 2012 and still no car, no office, etc.  He has been to Johannesburg for training, to Harare, Zimbabwe for training, to Blantyre, Malawi for training and is going Thursday a.m. to Lilongwe and Blantyre, Malawi for a little more training.  Then he will have a week off from travel and need to go to the Copperbelt area.  Busy times.  He is the Branch President (since he was 23), and is in University Full Time, and works full time for S & I.  Can you see why we are his helpers?  Busy Times.

President Joseph Kaluba and Sipho Ndlovu 

We, also were in Harare, Zimbabwe for more training for 4 days.  What a beautiful country and city.  We really enjoyed the hospitality and the beauty of the country in that area.  Victoria Falls is on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia - both like to claim it and there is a view on both sides.  We will try to go back there again (I think) before we are finished our mission.

Our Hotel in Harare - in the dead of winter remember, July 2012

Our Meeting House in Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare Meeting House (Chapel) 

We are moving somewhere around the end of the month.  We will be next door to another missionary couple (Lookharts from Boise).  It is going to be quite the upgrade - moving into a 2 story 3 bath, 3 bedroom townhouse with our own swimming pool in the back yard.  We didn't bring a suit.  Anyone coming to visit - bring a suit.  We get to have 3 bedrooms because our office is in our flat.  It
The mission furnishes it and all will be well.

This week we are teaching Lesson 5 (Temporal Preparedness) of the Preparing for Temple Marriage course.  We have a class Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday nights.  Each class is a very different dynamic of individuals.  What fun!  They are great participators, not inhibited at all, and love the topic, so all is well.
Each class is an hour and a half - but goes very quickly.  We are enjoying it, and we think they are too.

Fancy equipment set up for our class - Pres. Kaluba looking on  - notice how the computer is on top of the projector - 

This month we also had a District Family Fun Day! (2nd Annual one). Each branch had a soccer team, volleyball and basketball team.  Guys played soccer, girls played volleyball and basketball.  It was really a great day.  The Mission provided lunch - we think we fed about 600 (some not ours, but oh well).

Pres. Chibbamulilo and Pres. Chishala (Libala and Woodlands  Branch Presidents)

Game 2 - Notice - some use shoes -  some  not!

Well try to do this a little more often (so we can remember more of what has happened during the month).
Grandchildren, please be good.  Live an exempliary life.  It is sooo important - do your best at school.  You just never know when it will be your time to return home.  There is a young couple in a branch here (he was here on a mission - went back home became an agronomist, married, has 2 little children, and came back here to work for 2 years for a fertilizer company.  Her sister came over to visit (from California).  They were missing the ocean so they decided to take 2 weeks and drive over to Mozambique to the Ocean with their family.  The Sunday before they left Brother Sherry taught the SS class and talked about being prepared to meet our maker.  Wednesday, they were in a very serious accident in Harare, Zimbabwe on their way to Mozambique - his neck is broken, his shoulder is broken.  She has internal injuries, their little boy has many broken bones, the baby (girl) is fine, the driver (friend) is fine, the sister will be o.k.  They airlifted him to Johannesburg to determine the extend and type of break and decide whether he will walk again (ever).  We have all been praying for him since this happened.  We are wanting a miracle for them and for him to be o.k.
Live each day as if it may be  your last, live it wisely.  O.K., end of my rambling.  We love each and every one of you and keep you always in our prayers.  We know Heavenly Father loves all his children (no matter what).  Emulate him in your lives.  It'll be Soooo worth it.

Love,  The Parents, Grandparents, Burton and Patricia, Elder and Sister Shields

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Gardener found this - we think it is either a Giant \peacock Moth or a Luna Moth.  They apparently live about 1 - 2 days.

Again, this unique moth - we have never seen one like it and neither has Filemon - he said God sent it to Him as a gift.

Some Saturdays there are 6-7 piano students all at once - Sr. Louthan needed help.  Robert Chansa is a great student.  One student plays every week in sacrament meeting after 6 lessons.

This is the new flat for the Harvey's - the couple from Langley BC.  It will be very nice for them. June 2012.  The Sisters went to the other half of the duplex.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths on each side. 

Elder Shields (update) walking to the car - companion in car taking picture. Doing Great.

Wow, it looks like it's been a month since we posted anything in this spot.  Sorry for the time lapse.  We have been busy (mostly driving).  We are experiencing Winter here now - it actually seems cold - does get down to about 10 a few nights and the days are a Cool 28 - 29 degrees varying with the amount of wind.
(Joseph Kaluba) has officially started his employment as the S & I (CES) Coordinator for Zambia and Malawi as of June 1.  He is in South Africa for training this week.  Unfortunately, he sold his car the weekend the job started and does not have a car, an office, or place to work from, until at least July 1, and probably later.  His home is very small and on the far edge of the city from us.  We have tried to be helpful in trying to show him some of the things we do, but it requires a lot of driving to his place, bringing him here and then back to his place.  He is only 27 years old, but a terrific young man, with a very supportive wife.  He is also the President of his Branch and both he and his wife are full time students (for at least another year).
Our challenge is to help, but let him takeover where he can.  He will have different strengths and will handle things differently when he gets going.  Our future assignment(s) seem to vary with the day, but it seems that at the moment we will be staying in Lusaka (but who knows for sure).  Very little happens quickly when it comes to "procedures" which must be followed.

Part of the duties of this assignment is to teach classes, but we have never been able to figure out times and places that might work.  However, Brother Kaluba was told to teach three classes ASAP, so he "organized" 3 classes (Preparation for Eternal Marriage) to be held in 3 locations at 17:30 (5:30 PM) on three consecutive nights and then realized that he will be unavailable more than half of the 8 weeks, so it appears that Sister Shields (and Elder Shields) now are going to be doing his job much of the time.  The logistics of accessing the buildings, trying to advertise the classes, getting students (numbers unknown) etc. and preparing lessons remains the challenge.

We are scheduled to go to Harare, Zimbabwe with Joseph Kaluba, the second week of July, for further training and possibly finding out more about, what we might be doing in the next year.

We are grateful for the challenges that we face each day and for the accompanying growth.  We appreciate being reminded each and every day of the blessings we are receiving by trying to be obedient.  We are grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who watches over everything that we do and blesses us continually.  We recognize that it is to Him that we owe our All, and through Him only can we receive Eternal Life.  We are grateful for your love and support as we try to serve our Savior.  Keep the Faith.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Once again, days keep seeming to jump ahead.  We are trying to get some things ready for District Conference this weekend to give to all of the branches here so there is work to be done.  We should be ending the first term of Institute at the end of May and starting the new term the first week of June.  Many will want to know their grades as certificates are in high demand.  What a great bunch of young people we get to work with - and with their awesome leaders and teachers.  They really put in 110% effort into their lessons and learning.  They do have a problem with the clock but they are trying to improve in that area.  We appreciate that they are willing to try to come within an hour of the start time.  Some do think that when class starts at 9:00 a.m. that that is when they are to leave home to come - so they do arrive (mostly) before the class is done - but not long before.  It is really a cultural thing that needs some work.

We had to go back to the grocery store today for a few things (ZMK625,000) when last week we spent over ZMK1,000,000.  We must be eating really well, or we should have the missionaries over less.  Hopefully this lasts a while now.  Food here, we think, is higher than at home.  We do appreciate that they have food that we will eat though so no complaints.

We have been working hard on some reports that S&I seem to need done - we aren't sure about doing someone else's budget for next year but they seem to think we should go ahead.  Hopefully we are generous enough that they can live with it.  We did hear through the grapevine that someone was offered and accepted the job (the full time S & I employee person).  What we haven't heard is when and what does that mean for us.  Patience.

Elder Shields has been wanting to email Khumbulani (our head in SA) to see what he knows - but I've been saying "if he knew anything he'd tell us".  Even though it doesn't matter, it does constantly play on our thoughts.  It is always on our minds that we can't plan too far ahead, or plan that meeting, or plan that trip.  Just wait.  Not something that we're really good at.

The missionaries in this mission are wonderful.  I'm sure that they are in Every mission but we know these the best.  They are very good at following the rules, studying, planning, and visiting lots of appointments each day.  Be nice to the missionaries.  They are doing the Lord's Work.  We are fortunate to be able to associate with them daily.

Today we went for lunch with Chiku (Aggie).  She had written her last exam for her bachelors degree in social work (she is also one of our best seminary teachers).  She (with persuading from Elder Shields), is going to take me to find fabric and have a Chitenge made (African Dress).  That should be interesting.

Today is Sunday May 20, 2012.  We attended our District Conference - it was to start at 10:00 a.m. - and almost did.  They did wait a few minutes because at 10 quite a few comvees(buses) with people arrived and it took a few minutes to seat about 80 of them.  Conference was such a great meeting.  We arrived about 8:30 a.m. and visited with many branch leaders, teachers and S & I students.  It was great.  The meeting was so spiritual that we were all in tears - and I mean All.  Whether members or not, everyone felt the spirit there and were touched by it - President Cook of the Area Presidency and his wife were here for the two days and they have such a wonderful countenance and way about them that you can feel that they are truly emissaries of Christ.  It is so strengthening for us to feel of their love and support.  What a Great Day.  We ran the Distribution Store yesterday by ourselves and that was an adventure.  The computer and scanner would not work so everything was done by hand - BUT of course, we were not too sure of the prices of some items so we guessed - tomorrow we will have to pay our shortage and balance up.  It's all in a day in the mission - just working for more blessings.

Enough of this talk, we want to send our love and our testimonies of this work to any and all who read this.  We are so blessed to be able to be here, to know this is where Heavenly Father wants us to serve.  We are grateful for all the blessings we receive and for His hand in our lives everyday.  We love and appreciate each one at home and are grateful for your prayers on our behalf.  Thank you so much.  We pray for you too and know that you are being blessed.  Keep the Faith.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

We have been without internet for most of today.  We have been waiting for PST accessability to do the 40 Yr. reports - Bro. Moyo said he'd send them but apparently we are just trading no internet so no reports.  This type of day seems really long - not much is accomplished and we are reminded again why we are here in Zambia - to develop Patience.
We looked back in our notes and it was January 5th that we got a call asking if we would be willing to go to Malawi to be the S & I representatives over there.  We did say yes, however, here we are, still in Lusaka, Zambia.  We call it Zambian Time.  Again,  just need a little more patience.

On the positive, we think we are making progress here in Zambia with the S & I program.  We are working very hard (especially Elder Shields), to think of ways to make it better.  Communication is one of the big barriers here.  We will be going Saturday a.m. to a baptism in one of our favorite branches - that branch is Lilanda.  They are having 6 baptisms that morning and they don't have access to water for the font at this point so we're looking for divine intervention.  It'll happen.

Filling the Font for the Baptisms of 6 young people in Lilanda Branch 12 May, 2012

Branch Youth filling the font for Baptism of 6 young people May 12, 2012
The lady who owns the house church is held in decided that the branch priesthood could use her well (really an old fashioned one) - a hole in the ground with a rope and a bucket - to fill all the garbage cans they could find to bring up water to fill the baptismal font for the baptisms.  Saturday a.m. early the Young Men and Elders Quorum were there filling and hauling with an old wheel barrow to fill the font.  They did manage to get enough water into it by noon and the baptism went ahead just a little later than scheduled.  That in itself, though, is not at all unusual so it was all good and the baptismal candidates were very excited.  We have some pictures and Elder Shields got to give a talk and welcome them into the church.

Today being mothers day was similar to being at home.  Talks about mothers were given, and in the 2nd branch we attended (thanks to Elder and Sister Lookhart), Roses were passed out to all mothers.  Two great meetings.  We enjoyed the day.  The elders are coming over shortly to make their calls to their Mothers.  They are very excited to speak to them.  It is fun to watch their enthusiasm.  What a great bunch of YM and YW we are privileged to spend time with.  They teach us as  much as we teach them.  It's great.  Their testimonies are fantastic - and they are very powerful individuals and companionships.  We are blessed to spend time with them.  The Youth of Zambia are well versed in the Bible and they are able to find and quote many passages.  They are a great asset to the church here.

Just an ordinary ride to wherever - could even be church.
We are grateful to each one of you in our lives.  We hope Mothers Day treated all well.  We are grateful to each of the Mothers in our family who exemplify the Savior in their lives.  We appreciate all that you do for your families and for your strength in the gospel.  Thank you for your examples to us and for supporting us in our decision to serve.  We love you.  We are also grateful for all the friends and extended family who are so supportive and encouraging to us.  The Faith of Others does Strengthen Ours.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 This is quite clear - we thought it was well put.
Just a few friendly Crocodiles - a little crawly

You would not see them until it was too late - they blend so well. Green Mambas.

Just trying to get One Good Shot - of this Big Mama!

All this years babies together (we think)

Elder Shields loves playgrounds! 

The Real Thing - Our First Crocodile Burger!  Good!  We Shared.

The Tires did look fun - takes the word playground back 20 years at home.  Very Rustic!