Sunday, May 13, 2012

We have been without internet for most of today.  We have been waiting for PST accessability to do the 40 Yr. reports - Bro. Moyo said he'd send them but apparently we are just trading no internet so no reports.  This type of day seems really long - not much is accomplished and we are reminded again why we are here in Zambia - to develop Patience.
We looked back in our notes and it was January 5th that we got a call asking if we would be willing to go to Malawi to be the S & I representatives over there.  We did say yes, however, here we are, still in Lusaka, Zambia.  We call it Zambian Time.  Again,  just need a little more patience.

On the positive, we think we are making progress here in Zambia with the S & I program.  We are working very hard (especially Elder Shields), to think of ways to make it better.  Communication is one of the big barriers here.  We will be going Saturday a.m. to a baptism in one of our favorite branches - that branch is Lilanda.  They are having 6 baptisms that morning and they don't have access to water for the font at this point so we're looking for divine intervention.  It'll happen.

Filling the Font for the Baptisms of 6 young people in Lilanda Branch 12 May, 2012

Branch Youth filling the font for Baptism of 6 young people May 12, 2012
The lady who owns the house church is held in decided that the branch priesthood could use her well (really an old fashioned one) - a hole in the ground with a rope and a bucket - to fill all the garbage cans they could find to bring up water to fill the baptismal font for the baptisms.  Saturday a.m. early the Young Men and Elders Quorum were there filling and hauling with an old wheel barrow to fill the font.  They did manage to get enough water into it by noon and the baptism went ahead just a little later than scheduled.  That in itself, though, is not at all unusual so it was all good and the baptismal candidates were very excited.  We have some pictures and Elder Shields got to give a talk and welcome them into the church.

Today being mothers day was similar to being at home.  Talks about mothers were given, and in the 2nd branch we attended (thanks to Elder and Sister Lookhart), Roses were passed out to all mothers.  Two great meetings.  We enjoyed the day.  The elders are coming over shortly to make their calls to their Mothers.  They are very excited to speak to them.  It is fun to watch their enthusiasm.  What a great bunch of YM and YW we are privileged to spend time with.  They teach us as  much as we teach them.  It's great.  Their testimonies are fantastic - and they are very powerful individuals and companionships.  We are blessed to spend time with them.  The Youth of Zambia are well versed in the Bible and they are able to find and quote many passages.  They are a great asset to the church here.

Just an ordinary ride to wherever - could even be church.
We are grateful to each one of you in our lives.  We hope Mothers Day treated all well.  We are grateful to each of the Mothers in our family who exemplify the Savior in their lives.  We appreciate all that you do for your families and for your strength in the gospel.  Thank you for your examples to us and for supporting us in our decision to serve.  We love you.  We are also grateful for all the friends and extended family who are so supportive and encouraging to us.  The Faith of Others does Strengthen Ours.

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