Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's been an odd week or so.  We have nearly all the reports for the Lusaka Area and are going to Kitwe this weekend to try to get all of theirs.  That would be the first time since we got here that we were able to get them all in a fairly timely manner.  Wow.  Only 8 months.  It would really be nice - But we won't hold our breath - this is Zambia.
We decided to take a day and visit the local Kalimba Reptile Farm - filled with poisonous snakes and over one hundred (yes, 100 Crocodiles).  We left about 9:30 a.m. - couldn't find any sensible directions on the internet as to how to get there - so we toured much of the land and got there about 12:30 p.m. - when we finally Asked many people where it was.  It was worth the drive (they advertise about 20 km from Lusaka but no signs).
We even got adventurous and had a Crocodile Burger for lunch - Elder Shields says if you put enough salt, pepper, ketchup, tomatoes, and onions on it - it's just fine.  We split one just in case though.  You would say it just tastes like Chicken.  They have interesting snakes there too.  They are poisonous and are often out in the village areas.  We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful sunny late fall day with a temperature of 25 degrees.  Yes, it is really hard to take.
We are going into winter soon and are looking at COLD (they tell us and their stores are filled with sweaters, winter coats, long pants, boots, etc.) for the freezing 18-20 degrees celsius that we'll be experiencing for winter.  The problem is, we have been feeling cold too.  It makes us wonder what it will be like when we get back to Canada.  Got lots of time to think about that one.
Today we went to the chapel to meet with one of our special Seminary Teachers - Aggie.  It is her birthday today - she turned 27 -Cake Time - and a song - she is a returned missionary who has taught these same seminary kids for the last 3 years and they love her.  They meet 3 days a week - because They have asked to - she works, is just finishing a degree in social work, teaches seminary 3 days a week, teaches the same kids in Sunday School, teaches Relief Society, leads the music, talks often, etc.
They really work those who are willing.  She loves the Gospel and is more than willing to help wherever she can.  She is awesome.

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