Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's time for an update again.  Time truly is going too quickly - there is much to be done and we just feel the days getting away from us.
Today is a very special day - It is October 6th, 2012.  We are so excited that we came back from a trip to Livingstone (Victoria Falls) to find the internet has decided to give us a break (it's working) and we were able to watch the Saturday a.m. session of conference with very little problems.  It was such a spiritual session we felt really blessed to be able to watch the church leaders, and feel of their spirits in uplifting our lives with their inspired messages.  Wow.  We hope each of you were able to watch as well.  Conference is held for our benefit - not for their practice in speaking.  We felt the spirit of the Holy Ghost in each talk that was given and were very excited to hear of the two more temples, and of the age changes in missionaries.  Wow, again.  What a change that will be.  
We are leaving on Monday morning to move to Malawi for the next year of our mission.  We will be based in Lilongwe (where the Pretes were serving), and they have moved to Blantyre.  We don't feel that we can replace either of these great couples, but will do our best to be of service to the members and the missionaries in that area.  We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we know it to be true.  When we get to that point, we know that it is for our growth that we are placed in challenging areas to be of service to the people there, to help them strengthen their testimonies.  We will do our best.
Welcome to David Livingston Safari Lodge

Elder Shields - in front of Swimming pool then Zambezi River

Comfy Bed

We loved going to Victoria Falls the last three days with another senior couple, the Lookharts.  We stayed at the David Livingstone Safari Lodge - it was great. We went to Chobe (in Botswana) on a Safari and were not disappointed.  We will update with some pictures.  Also, we were able to visit the falls again.  The water level is quite low at this time of year so it makes them easier to see.  About March/April, they are so high that all you see is mist -
Very Low Water at Victoria Falls -

Elder Shields putting water on head - a hot 40 degrees

We had the Prete's here with us for about a week (a couples conference) and learned more about what we might expect in Lilongwe, Malawi.  They have been there since December 2011 and have done such a wonderful work that the branch has grown from 17 active members to over 150 each week.  No one really has much background in the church and everything and every program is a learning experience for all involved.  We hope to be able to be of some service and help there.
We, also get to have the Missionaries (12 of them) over for their DDM each Tuesday evening, and feed them, be with them, and listen to them.  That will be a great time for us.
Couples Conference - Pretes on Left back
We find that everything we are able to do here for anyone brings blessings for our family at home.  They recognize Heavenly Father more in their lives and we are grateful that they are being blessed while we are away.  

We are grateful for grandchildren who are being raised in the Gospel and are being taught true principles that will guide them throughout their lives if they but listen.  We thank each of our children for being such great examples and such great parents by spending the time and effort required to set the tone for your homes.  We pray that you will each recognize the hand of the Lord in your lives, that you will follow the messages our Prophet, President Monson, and his councillors are inspired to give during this particular conference.

We feel of your faith and prayers in our behalf.  We are grateful for them.  Keep the Faith!  
Choose the Right!  Know that we love each of you lots - but Heavenly Father loves each of you even more than we do.  We are excited that for some the mission just moved up a year.  Prepare now. CTR.

Elder and Sister Shields

p.s.  We will send ANIMALS  \(WILD) as soon as we get moved - Elder packed the cameras away while the internet was off.  We will get back to you.

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