Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wow!  We have arrived and completed MTC 101 here in Provo this week.  Tomorrow we start MTC 201 which should all be about CES, Perpetual Education, S and I, etc. 

We have had a very intense, uplifting, testimony building week here in the MTC.  We have been taught, done teaching, practiced with pretend investigators, and even some real ones.  We were not told ahead of time who had who or what the scenario was - it was a Great Experience.  We loved it.  We wish you could all be here and feel of the spirit of the MTC.  There were 78 seniors and 28 hundred young Elders and Sisters in the group.  They are expecting way more in October.  As we indicated earlier in our email, the Senior Missionaries are answering the call Pres. Monson put out in October general conference.  We need you!    There were at least 5 or 6 in our group that are in their early to mid 50s.  Have the kind of work that they can take the time and then go back to work.  It is awesome.  We are anxious to be part of the work and looking forward to leaving next Monday a.m. (the 19th).  Life has been tough - they ran out of rooms and at least 10 couples HAD to go to the Marriott to stay - in very nice suites, we were one of them.  We did however, want to experience the MTC first hand but maybe another time. 

We feel our time here is being very well spent - they are very organized and efficient.  There are about 2800 missionaries here and about 2800 volunteers make this happen.  Amazing.

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