Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Time has Come!  Monday September 19th (tomorrow) is take off!  We have completed our training this week in CES, S & I, Perpetual Education Fund, and Security.  We have started taking our Malaria pills (yesterday) and don't think we've forgotten anything else.  What an amazing week it has been.  We were trying to learn so much we thought we needed to drill holes in our heads to let some out so there was room for more.  The Perpetual Education Fund is such a prophetic program.  When President Hinckley announced it, there is no doubt it came straight from heaven.  With some earthly things to work out over the 10 years since it's inception, it is now running as the inspired program it was meant to be.  Wow!  This program has had us in tears Many times in the 2 days we took the training at the Church Office Buildings in Salt Lake.

We thought we'd be like all missionaries and post our MTC picture.  We stayed at Nate and Julie's on Thurs. and Fri. nights.  They were pretty involved with Soccer - actually Sat. too.  We did up our wash, visited with the kids when they were around and tried to reorganize our bags for weight again.  We did end up leaving some things in a sports bag at the Hedmans.  Added weight from the MTC and shopping and had to delete a few things.  For those thinking about going - they do have the basic books on a pin drive so don't haul that weight like we did.

We love you all and hope you are keeping well.

Elder and Sister Shields

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