Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's been a while again.  It seems we are challenged to have the internet, and have it work. Also, the phone seems to work - in the early a.m. our time - and I mean early.

Since our last visit we have been privileged to attend 2 baptisms - Meggie's and Margaret's. The same day,  Sat. the 15th, we also attended and helped with a seminary party for Aggie and Mary's classes.  They had a great time, even though the DVD machine would not work and they couldn't watch their movie.  Another time I guess.  They seem used to that.  The next day we attended our usual Libala branch, Woodlands branch and then to Bauleni to be there for the confirmations.  Elder Shields confirmed Margaret (Sr. Phiri).  Also that day a young man was given the priesthood (Percy).  Sooo nice.

The car we got has very thick dirty oil so we went to the Toyota dealership and asked when they could change the oil.  They booked us in the next day at 7 a.m.  So yes, we were there at 6:45 and we waited until 7:45 for them to check us in - then they say they'll call us when it is ready - never do - at 3:15 or so we call them, they say oh, yes, it is ready for pick up - but then we can't get there before they close at 5 p.m.  We had to wait until the next day to pick up the car which will be after we'd been to immigration to try to get visas to stay in the country.  They apparently don't have any visa books so they just stamp that we're good for another 60 days - then we have to come back again.  Interesting.  We went home and Brother Chansa and Cedric came to see what they could do for us regarding internet.  They were here for the afternoon and we did seem to get it going - that is until they left.  We called Jacquie - 2 minutes were clear and then we were cut off - no electricity for 6 hours.  Next day, Thursday, no electricity for most of the day and Friday, no electricity or water from 10 - 8 p.m.  Such a fun week we can hardly wait for a repeat.

Saturday we went to the Lusaka Building (ended up cleaning it as it was desperate - they were setting up for 5 baptisms at 12:00 and it was dirty everywhere.  A couple of the Sr. missionaries came along and helped.  While we were there we stopped at the Distribution Centre.  They were happy to see us as they had 43 boxes of Seminary and Institute supplies which had been delivered to them by mistake, that they really wanted us to get out of their small space.  Happy to oblige.  Mostly young people between 18 - 30 years of age are being baptized.  They are happy and really seem to absorb everything that they read in the scriptures - they can spiel off scriptures like they have been studying them their whole lives.  It's amazing to watch them.

Sunday October 23, we went to Chainama branch at 9 a.m. and they had an awesome choir - practicing before church started about 20 - 25 of them.  This is the first music we have seen and they really feel their music, and so did we.  It is a great little branch.  The next stop was Matero to visit where we went to Sunday school and Relief Society.  They were happy to have the visit.  Then it was off to Bauleni Group (not enough to call it a branch) where Burton spoke (he gave a great talk).  We always feel welcome (we make 2 more - sometimes this means 10 and sometimes 20).  I got to lead the songs - hmmmm -  you sing the first line then they repeat it with you - wish I could sing it would make things sound a lot better but oh well we try.

The days don't seem busy in the mornings but there is always more to be done and organized so we do keep busy.  Burton is busy trying to think up things to do inside as it has been 36 - 38 degrees all week and he doesn't like it outside in the heat.  We have been blessed over and over and appreciate the prayers and the Lord's hand in our lives.  We are grateful for friends and family who support us.  We love each of you.

We're going to try to add a couple of pictures of the scenery as we drive from our place to the most central church building (Lusaka Chapel).  It's an interesting drive.

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