Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Hi All,

It seems like we should be adjusted by now - it's been two weeks.  We can't say that is the case though.  We are trying to chase down a lot of S & I (Seminary and Institute) teachers - for each branch and group that exist in Zambia.  We need to visit and see how things are going for them, as well as get their counts, etc. for August and September.  Graduation is held in December and we may be in charge of organizing each one so we need more info.  How many, how often, what, etc.  

We went after Sacrament Meeting on Sunday up to the Copperbelt - an area about 5 1/2 hours to the north of us.  It is way more laid back (or backward) depends how you look at it.  The roads are BAD, they are full of potholes and speed bumps - so it is hard to make good time getting there or back.  We stayed overnight in a B & B owned by an Australian woman.  It was very nice - old with a lot of character.  We went with the Taggarts - they take care of the missionaries - and we went to see the S & I teachers where possible.  We only had one good visit with Bro. Thole (pronounces TOLA).  It was good.  We have visited with some others here in Lusaka.  There were also police checks every few miles to slow you down.  Always just wanting to see your drivers licence - oh, yes,  and they found a lazer gun just for us. 

We are adjusting to the weather.  They are wearing high boots, and a few coats - after all it is only spring and in the low 30s.  Amazing how the blood can thin.  I don't think ours hasn't yet.

The people here are great - they try very hard to be honest and upright people.  They have a thick accent that is hard to understand over the phone - easier in person.  There were 3 people elected to parliament from the church and two others to civic responsibilities.  That's not too bad.

We are still trying to get the internet at our apartment and a land line phone so that we can use Vonage, Skype, and just plain internet at our convenience.

We love you all and keep you in our prayers.

Elder and Sister Shields

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Runnin said...

~ I am luving keeping up with your adventures! I am keeping you in my prayers too! :)