Saturday, April 14, 2012

 Mom and Baby near the water - lots of others in area - Great Scenery
 Hard to find a Crocodile that stayed on land long enough to get a picture!
 Impalas and Water Buck travel together
 Water Buffalo and egret travel together - the birds like the bugs the buffalo stir up when feeding.
 Such a lovely 2 tonne beast - the Hippo - really can run quite fast (with grace)
The hippos love the water and most that we saw were in the water - they were very playful - fun to watch.

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Runnin said...

It was SOOO fun to Skype with your a few minutes ago! I LOVE your tales of adventure & cannot wait until we come see for ourselves - 2013 is our goal!!! Keep up the GREAT work. luv you. M