Thursday, April 26, 2012

It has been another busy couple of weeks.  We have been to the Copperbelt again and have had many opportunities for teaching, watching, and service of all kinds.  We decided that we'd like to have the Elders in our area over for dinner so we had 6 of them come.  It was so fun - they have such a great desire to do the Lord's will and to be good examples to us all, that it is hard to top the Elders.  They really enjoy a balanced meal - something Nshima (ground maize/corn) doesn't provide and something their budgets don't allow much with the costs of food here being VERY high.
The next day we drove to the Copperbelt.  Sr. Padovich called (from Malawi, where she was) and asked if we could stop at the hospital in Ndola to see Elder Cook as he was having stomach problems.  We checked with the Zone Leaders and went over to Luanshya and got them before we went to see Elder Cook.  He got released the next day on condition that he come in each of the next 5 days and get a shot of antibiotics and take it easy for the week.  A very hard thing for a good missionary to do.
We were up there Fri afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning and accomplished much.  The Branch that has been having some S & I issues, held an activity Saturday starting at 10 a.m.  We were amazed that is was not what we thought an activity would be - each teacher bore their testimony, talked about how they loved Seminary and Institute, wanted the students to come, etc.  It was great!

It was not over when we had to leave to go to Kitwe to meet with President Kabonso.  The president was a little disappointed that the house he found was not suitable, but said he'd keep looking.  We told the Lady whose lodge we stay in - Lowden Lodge - and her sister is involved in real estate and rentals so she said she'd call her - she did and now the Lookharts should be back tonight having taken care of that need. They rented 2 new flats.  The Lord works continuously according to our faith and our works.

We visited Ndola branch on Sunday morning - partly so we could take Elder Cook back to the hospital for his first shot and make sure he was doing well.  He seemed well when we left - it would be hard to be sick in a foreign country.  Sure hope it doesn't happen to us.  We are grateful for safety in travel on that 15 - 16 hours of driving, over 3 days - through the potholes - it is pretty scary at times.

South Africa have officially said that we need to see Temple Recommends to purchase temple clothing.
Sister Akatekelelua (Teke) needed a little help in what to do with the policy change, how to let people know and who to let know  A couple of people are working on their PEF applications and Elder Shields helped them with that while I worked in the store so it's all good.

We were sorry to hear about Uncle Frank (Anderson) this week but were grateful at the same time that he didn't have to linger in pain.

 Hopefully the rest of you are doing well - We are grateful for your notes, skype, letters, and packages.  We are grateful to Stacey for being the big bookkeeper at home - especially with it being tax season.  THANKS to all of you for your efforts on our behalf.  We were so grateful this conference to be able to see it all twice - to make up for last time when we couldn't get it.  It was awesome - every session - even Priesthood.  We do hope you were all able to listen to, and take heed, of the leaders of the church.

We have been invited again this weekend to do a branch in service meeting/lesson as they are calling new teachers.  It is a challenge sometimes - because the teachers change - but the books, DVDs, etc. never come back - it's always we need more.  It's a bit of a challenge to know how many you need for a year. The other little challenge is that they say class starts at 9:30 and actually if you are lucky it will start by 10 - 10:15, then the next one is to start at 10:40 and it may start by 11:15 - 11:30, and go for an hour to an hour and a half.  What you think will be 2 - 2 1/2 hours ends up taking from 9 - 2 p.m easily - just like church.  It's a cultural thing that needs worked on.  It makes us a little frustrated as we value time (culturally), and it is why we are in Africa - to learn patience.

Keep Positive - Keep Safe.  Know that Heavenly Father blesses those who live worthy and those who ask for his help.  We Love Him and are grateful for the blessings he bestows on us.  We know all we have comes from Him.  Our love to each of you.

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